For those who missed the heavily-attended Ward 8 Collaborative Candidate forum on April 1, fear not! The ever-resourceful Charles Wilson of THE ART of WARd 8 has provided a video link to watch the entire forum online (many thanks, my good man). I would urge all to check it out, as it’s a somewhat insightful view into many of the candidates’ vantage point(s). A few impressed me much more than I expected with their comprehensive grasp and political acumen, while some just left me shakin’ my head. The benefit, however, is that it helped crystallize knowing the candidate for whom I’d be voting—which differed from the person I walked in planning to vote for. Anyway, once viewed (or even not viewed), make sure you vote!

The Special Election is Tuesday, April 28, from 7am to 8pm. Don’t know where you’re gonna vote? Find your polling place here!