If you’re not doing anything on Wednesday, March 26, 2014, then try to make it out to the Projects Update Meeting for the Ward 8 Community. Personally, I’m really interested in info on the 11th Street Bridge, the South Capitol Street Corridor, tree projects (don’t judge—’cuz a brotha loves to garden!) and many others. I also hope that they mention the 11th Street Bridge Park project, a seriously exciting prospect for creating something potentially amazing . . . from nothing but a bridge foundation. Check out this very well-written article on the transformative potential of the park.

The meeting details:

Projects Update Meeting for the Ward 8 Community
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
6:30pm — 8:30pm
St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Auditorium
1100 Alabama Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20032

See y’all there!