I love DC—in more ways than I’m willing to bore you with. What I don’t love about my piece of DC, however, is being at the seeming bottom of the list (metaphorically and geographically) when it comes to quality retail finding its way to our sleepy little hamlet. So, once the inevitable frustration and apoplexy die down, I then look in the direction of Maryland and Virginia for . . . well . . . almost everything—and this is from a guy who goes out of his way to patronize my city every chance I get and in every way that I can!

That rant notwithstanding, some of the best amenities that I have close, convenient access to are either right across the bridge in Arlington/Alexandria, or right down the street into Maryland, where National Harbor and the new Tanger Outlets (opening tomorrow—YES!!!) will welcome Wal-Mart to the playground! THREE WHOLE MILES FROM MY FRONT DOOR!


The Wal-Mart would have a full-size grocery and bring 300 jobs to southern Prince George’s, Wal-Mart spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said.

The store would feature a brick-and-stone facade with a glass atrium entrance. As proposed, it would be close to the road to create an “urban” feel, with easy pedestrian access, according to Wal-Mart.

Another thing I’d like to point out is what I’ll call a sister site to bellevuedc.com: pgcblog.com. Bellevue is right next to Maryland—Maryland’s P. G. County to be exact—so it’s imperative to know what’s happening with our neighbors just across Southern Avenue. Pgcblog does an exhaustingly exemplary job of keeping its readers informed and armed with all the local info they need, to know what’s happening in their community, and more importantly, how it affects them specifically. To wit, I wouldn’t even have known about Wal-Mart had it not been for the site ( . . . which I created for the owner over two years ago–so look for a swanky new redesign to accompany the new year!).