Bellevue resident Chris Bailey successfully convinced UrbanTurf’s “DC’s Hidden Places” to take the wraps off the street on which he purchased his home—Brandywine Place, SW—and I, for one, couldn’t be happier that he did! I sent an e-mail forever ago to UrbanTurf when I initially started this blog, attempting to illuminate to them the awesomeness that is Bellevue—which is a very hard sell when most stats denote Bellevue as one of the most dangerous places in the city. As a Bellevue resident, however, I clearly know that’s not the case anymore, but like I said, it’s a hard sell. Needless to say, I apparently didn’t even warrant a response. Thankfully, Chris did. Maybe I should have just pitched my street like Chris, instead of trying to get others to see the entire neighborhood . . . but almost all press is good press—so I’ll take it!

One of the more salient points made in the article was that Bellevue homes seldom become available—which is even more noteworthy considering Bellevue’s far-reaching reputation as an apparent battle zone. Also taking into account that bellevue is comprised of relatively small houses on quiet, undulating, scenic-rich streets, is minutes away from all major city arteries, and is less than 10 minutes away from destinations like downtown, Capitol Hill, National Harbor, Tanger Outlets, MGM (a game-changer people, don’t sleep!!!), the entire Eastover area (just wait—it’s gonna be good!), a Library internationally renowned for its forward-thinking & aesthetic design, and (my own personal favorite) near one of the original boundary stones separating DC from Maryland, you start to see that Bellevue actually begins to sell itself. If you think not, just take a look at the new people, places, and things beginning to pepper their way throughout Bellevue—the aforementioned battle zone—and UrbanTurf won’t be the only entity taking note of our wonderful streets . . . or ‘hood!

Thanks Chris—good lookin’ out!

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