City Interests‘ Trinity Plaza Condos has been teasing for quite some time to come to our quaint, sleepy little hamlet. The web site, which denotes 42 homes coming to South Capitol and Atlantic Streets SW, hasn’t been updated at all in the months that I discovered and consequently began following it, but look for an update (hopefully) soon as I reach out to them for more info. In the interim, check out this item from back in 2010. Also, take a look at this listing for “3939 South Capitol Street SW – Trinity Plaza“, which, in the “Space Notes” section, denotes:

There will be 51, one and two bedroom apartments.
There will be condos on top.

Along with a “Status” of:

Proposed, breaks ground September 2013

Stay tuned intrepid readers! . . .


update ]

Okay people, here’s what little information I’ve been able to obtain thus far. And since some info has been floating around for quite some time, I’m only going to denote things that were actually told to me:

  • Trinity Plaza delivers in early 2015  (sometime within the 1st quarter / before May)
  • They are now exclusively apartments, as opposed to condos or a mix of the two
  • The ground floor will be approximately 5300 square feet of retail
  • Part of the first floor will be a sit-down restaurant/cafe. The desire is to place an “upscale” restaurant in the space. No idea what establishment it will be, but I’m told that the restaurant is currently undetermined.

I’ve continued to put in a call for any renderings or other info that’s available, but this is all that I know thus far. I was also teased that “something” Bellevue-centric would be announced soon, and that would it would be quite exciting. I don’t know either y’all . . . but stay tuned . . . again!