From what little I can see from the outside of Trinity Plaza, I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the design, the quality of construction, and the aesthetic attention to detail given to it. It appears attractively and thoughtfully designed, well-constructed, is smoke-free, and seems to have ample space for whatever retail and/or dining options will inevitably call Trinity Plaza home. They’re also sportin’ a commensurate new web site—replete with online gallery and rental application. Nice job Trinity!

My own personal hope for Trinity Plaza, however, is that it helps to house and usher in more services and amenities that I’d actually patronize, since Bellevue’s retail area(s) have no shortages of liquor stores, carry-outs, and random stores peddling all manner of minutiae (many of which I’ve happily patronized). What Bellevue does not have, however, are viable counterpoints to most of them—a nice sit-down restaurant/cafe, and retail that serves a broader range of Bellevue’s community. What would be tragic, however, would be for shiny new Trinity Plaza to play host to the same things that are available today—but in a better building! I don’t wanna go to Trinity Plaza for more booze, for hair weaves, to play my numbers, for the newest location of a bulletproof carryout, or to choose from a more robust assortment of blunts, cigarillos or bongs. I already have all my neighborhood faves for all those! Lol.

But in a more perfect version of the Trinity Plaza in my Bellevue world—which I’ll dub “Bellevuetiful“—I wanna be able to go to Trinity Plaza’s restaurant for dinner or a drink after work, or take the family there if applicable. I wanna pick up/drop off my drycleaning; dash into a CVS for more emergency candy bars (don’t judge!); or run into the specialty ________ shop for more artisanal ______! All of this may be a pipe dream, and Trinity Plaza might evolve to be just more of the same (but in a much better building) . . . but with all the changes coming to our sleepy little part of DC, I’m hopeful that Trinity Plaza evolves to be a community resource enjoyed by all of Bellevue’s residents. And I’m not even talking about the apartments themselves, which by all accounts also seem quite nice.

Inevitably, the entire South Capitol Shopping Center will be redeveloped. We’re seeing the interim steps of it happening right now with a few store facade paintings, etc. (see attached pics in gallery). And with the advent of MGM and more coming into the immediately surrounding areas, we’ll start to see more establishments popping up to serve the now-and-future Bellevue, which will be markedly different than the one that we enjoy today (a brand new 19,000 sq ft Planet Fitness in Eastover!?!?! Who’da guessed! Advance Auto Parts arrives next).

Bring it!