No proverbial grass is growing under National Harbor—’cuz one gets whiplash from the dizzying pace at which it’s adding major attractions. To wit, enter the Capital Wheel, a Ferris wheel currently chillin’ aboard a tugboat in the Potomac River as it heads to its home at National Harbor (where it will open to the public in May). Personally, I’m a dude that really isn’t into the whole “height” thing, but this gigantic spinning wheel might get me to rethink my height issues . . . at least once.

Well . . . maybe.

But anyway, I couldn’t be happier it’s coming! ‘Cuz while Bellevue languishes without many goods, services, businesses, or experiences that don’t involve liquor stores, carry-outs, or social service distribution(s), it’s at least nice to appreciate the things that we Bellevue-ans ( . . . still working on that onecan access quickly and conveniently.


Update: The Capital Wheel Press Kit content has been added to the site:

Fun Facts About The Capital Wheel:

  • Size: 175 Feet Tall (diameter of wheel is 165 feet)
  • Visible from the Top of the Observation Wheel: Washington Monument, U.S. Capitol, Alexandria, Prince George’s County
  • Number of Climate-Controlled Gondolas: 42 (including 1 VIP Gondola)
  • Maximum Number of Passengers: 336 (8 per Gondola)
  • Price (estimated): $15 per ride (VIP Gondola will cost more)
  • Hours of Operation (estimated): 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., year-round
  • Ride Speed: 1.5 rotations per minute
  • Lighting: 1.6 million LED lights, fully programmable, with a spectrum of 16.7 million colors
  • Concessions: Wolfgang Puck Catering will operate concessions, and the Observation Wheel will be available for private party rental.
  • Other Cities with Observation Wheels: London, Seattle, Niagara Falls, Brisbane, Perth, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Malacca Island, Pigeon Forge and Myrtle Beach.
  • Manufacturer: Chance Rides, Wichita, Kansas
  • Architect: Brown Craig Turner, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Construction Manager / General Contractor: Cianbro
  • Scheduled Opening Date: May 2014

Press Kit Content: