WASSUP PEOPLE—good to be back!

Bellevuedc.com returns after barely surviving a server issue which, by itself was easily fixable. What was not easily fixable, however, was the destruction of the content in the database which underpinned the site.

A very, very bad day, boys and girls.

But . . . thus began the long, frustrating, redbull-fueled process of putting the site back together again. And now that the whole imbroglio has been successfully resolved, let’s kick things up a notch at ‘ole bellevuedc.com. To that end, I’m already working on a few items to post, but I also wanna augment and add to different sections of the site, explore bellevue’s history and demographics, loosely cover our fun-filled Ward 8 Council race, follow Trinity Plaza and it’s inevitable tenants, and all manor of other minutiae as yet to be determined. Lol

Many thanks for your patience people, and stay tuned . . .