One of my very good friends and web site clients, Cheryl Ingraham, is the ever-fashionable, irrepressible doyenne of, the consummate site for immediate PG County social & development news (and political drama/idiocy/foolishness!). When we created back on July 18th, 2011, Cheryl had very modest and demure plans to inform her rabidly-inquisitive PG County public of various happenings in their neck of the woods . . . and for spice, she’d throw in a kicky review of a favorite restaurant meal or two, or accidentally find yet another way to highlight her inexplicably pathological love for emblazoned Converse (actually, all converse). Fast forward to 2014 and homegirl is blowin’ up faster than she can send my calls to voicemail!

Yeah. It’s like that now. She got all new on me.

Lol! No, she actually didn’t. But the calls that she now takes are ones asking her to be things like the key presenter on politics at the “2014 Female Leadership Symposium” retreat for the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America in Houston this coming May, or a judge for the highbrow “Grill, Grapes, and Jazz” charity grill-off, wine-tasting and jazz event. Grass certainly ain’t growin’ under Cheryl—and I sincerely couldn’t be happier for her.

But that now brings us to this post about yet another instance of Ms. Ingraham extolling her percipient words of wisdom across the internet. While being interviewed for the “Women on the Move” bliss FM radio show, homegirl effusively shouted out to me and! I immediately got all geeked out and listened to the rest of the show like a groupie and was like “I KNOW DAT CHICK!!!” Lol!

I’m such a nerd. It’s so tragic.

Anyway, thanks so much Cheryl. As I continue to evolve into the community-serving resource that I envision, it’s awesome to have a friend and ally right next door over in PG County that has a blog “voice” that I wanna read daily—which I do.

You’z a class act, lady . . . and I’m proud to know ya!

Thank you,


P.S. Stay tuned her swanky new upcoming blog redesign!