Patsy Mose Fletcher is kinda awesome! She’s a decidedly chill, mellow, quietly brilliant lady, posessing a disarmingly sincere smile, an unparalleled ability to make you wanna be her friend, and coolest of all . . . our neighbor here in Bellevue! Like I said, she’s awesome—and I don’t say that just because her house is a few houses up from mine.

She also wrote an awesome, very well-received book on how blacks chilled in-and-around the DMV area back in the day: “Historically African American Leisure Destinations Around Washington, D.C.”, but more on that in a moment . . .

We passed each other on a bright, chirpy spring morning last year as I was going to work and she was in-between one of her many globe-spanning jaunts. After speaking briefly and catching up on life (in a weird coincidence, we were neighbors in our previous neighborhood of Bloomingdale before discovering Bellevue), we talked about how wonderful the neighborhood is and vowed to get together one of these days. Fast-forward to passing each other again this past fall, at which point she invites me to her book-signing at Uniontown Bar & Grill, and I’m like “HUH?!?!? Book?!?! What’chuTalkin’BoutWillis???

Fast-forward again to her bustling book-signing at Uniontown, and it’s clear that our chillin’-seekin’ historian heroine is very comfortable with the adoration of readers clammoring not only for her book, but also for insight, for context, and quite frankly . . . for proximity. Since Patsy’s book seeks to aggregate and illustrate specific information and answer questions that were seldom asked—considering how serious other issues facing African Americans were at the end of the 19th century and beyond—the book-signing provided a great opportunity to get informed, curated, and invaluable insight from a unique and exhaustively-researched vantage point. And for the record, I was definitely one of those people!

Suffice it to say, the evening was awesome, the knowledge dropped was revelatory, the crowd devoured her every word, and it all went down in a sit-down “leisure destination” bar & grill in Anacostia. I’ll take that!

Thanks Patsy—we’re very glad you’re here!

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