Okay boys & girls—this is a really good thing!

BrightFarms, Inc. and Giant Food® are “entering a path-breaking partnership to deliver year-round local produce to Giant stores throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Constructed near Giant’s store at 1535 Alabama Avenue in Southeast, Washington, D.C., the 100,000 square foot facility will be the largest urban greenhouse of its kind in the world.”

Uh . . . the world. THE WORLD! So friggin’ gangsta!

That’s not just amazing news for our upcoming grocery needs, but astoundingly wonderful news for Ward 8—especially since (as the press release asserts) locally grown produce is significantly fresher & more flavorful, and will better for not just DC, but the entire area in general.

And while the closest Giant Food to Bellevue is in MD, it’s only a few minutes more to patronize the Alabama Avenue location (which a brotha does often). And you can best believe that once it begins selling local produce (grown virtually right next to it, no less!), I’ll patronize it even more! Look for the greenhouse to be completed and for Giant to begin delivering the aforementioned produce this Fall. Bring it!

I’ve put in a request for media information, so I’ll update this post with updated and/or more specific info as it becomes available (like whether or not it is “explicitly” organic). But this can only be an awesome thing for all involved.

Kudos Giant and BrightFarms—well done.