Listen up all you students and entrepreneurs in need of software training. Microsoft plans to open one of its first Innovation Centers right down the road at St. Elizabeths. From the Washington Post article:

Donna Woodall, citizenship director for Microsoft, said the innovation center in D.C. would be an extension of the company’s efforts to support computer literacy for D.C. students and job applicants through a “digital alliance” begun with the D.C. public schools and a city employment agency two years ago.

“The idea is to help address three key areas for a city, that is improving educational outcomes, entrepreneurship and employment. And the reason why we choose those three things across the country is those are really the three pillars that are going to help the economy,” Woodall said.

Although that’s going to be a wonderful boon for the community for obvious reasons, what’s also quite cool is that the center will be used to introduce its new products and technologies—in some instances before they come to market. But for the business and tech-minded though, the center “could be a magnet for new start-ups, even in areas with below-average levels of educational attainment, literacy and employment.” Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Thanks to follower SJD for the heads-up!


[ Washington Post — Microsoft outlines plans for innovation center on St. Elizabeths campus ]