Don’t forget to come out to the BNCA meeting tonight. In attendance will be City Interests, updating us on the progress of their huge project, as well as others with vital updates on various¬†initiatives in Bellevue. Also, in order for Bellevue to evolve in a way that we as residents have an input, we must exist as a legal entity in order to receive funds and resources. To that end, officer elections will take place, as well as adoption of the BNCA Constitution and the bylaws. So please come out . . . and bring / invite a neighbor!

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Bellevue Neighborhood Citizens Association
Wednesday, June 15, 2016 | 6:30pm
Lockridge / Bellevue Public Library | Main Meeting Room | 115 Atlantic Street, SW
Washington, DC 20032


  • Office of Planning
  • City Interests update
  • Constitution adoption
  • Officer elections