Bellevue Civic Association
Wednesday, May 18, 2016  |  6:30-8:30pm
Lockridge / Bellevue Public Library  |  115 Atlantic Street, SW

This past Sunday, my pathological gardening was pleasantly interrupted by being hand-delivered an invitation to the Wednesday, May 18th meeting of the Bellevue Civic Association, whose agenda consists of Bellevue PrioritiesOfficer Elections Announcement, and Community Events. As a huge fan of my ‘hood with a vested interest as a resident and home-owner, I’m very anxious to have Bellevue commence regular intervals of dialogue and meetings to galvanize all of Bellevue’s human resources and physical assets.

Also, back in December, the Anacostia Coordinating Committee reached out to show Hillsdale and Bellevue how to rebuild their neighborhood leadership, thus creating a unified civic body through which residents can “address public safety, living environments, and locally sponsored events such as parades, fundraisers, and holiday celebrations“. Phillip Panell, ACC’s Executive Director, had hoped to have both groups up and running by the end of 2015. Not sure if this meeting was born out of any of that or not, but I’m quite happy to finally see a Bellevue Civic Association meeting on the books, so I’ll take it! See y’all there!

Also, thanks for sending me a quick pick of the meeting flyer!

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