As construction continues on the development which will house Good Food Markets—Bellevue’s soon-to-be neighborhood grocery store opening this coming Spring—they wanna hear from all of us at a community roundtable being held this evening. Specifically:

Good Food Markets is excited to announce our next grocery store will open in the Bellevue community of Ward 8 in the Spring of 2019. Representing the culmination of three years work with elected officials, property owners, community leaders, residents and advocates, Good Food Markets – South Capitol will feature a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, meat, dairy, eggs and their alternatives, as well as a full service cafe and coffee bar.

Considering the food desert in which we Bellevue residents live, any grocery store is gonna be a welcome change. And while I haven’t been to the existing one on Rhode Island Avenue, NE, I’ve heard from a neighbor who visited and shopped at that location (whose opinion I respect in such matters) that Good Food Market is actually very much worth patronizing and supporting . . . which is encouraging to know going in. Personally—in addition to obviously a good, local grocer—I’m looking forward to a full-service cafe and a coffee bar being just steps from my front door. 👍🏾

Having said all that, more info promises to be discussed at the community roundtable this evening:


Thursday, September 20, 2018
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Bridgepoint Hospital National
4601 Martin Luther King Juniovenue Southwest
Washington, DC 20032