Elevation DC has a timely and alarmingly accurate article detailing the lamentable state of Ward 7 & 8’s lack of sit-down eating options. And although we Bellevue residents are all too frustratingly familiar with much of what the article highlights, there is one point made that I was very glad to see touched upon. Specifically, Edward Fisher, Chief of Staff to Ward 7 councilmember Yvette Alexander, had a very telling quote:

“there is a growing number of relatively high-income young professionals, myself included, that live in the ward. There are also long-term residents who earn higher salaries. What brings the average salary figure down is the high concentration of poverty in certain areas of the ward.”

That quote was in context to the article’s assertion that more well-known eating establishments stay out of our ward(s) in large measure because “the average family income in Ward 7 was about $57,000 from 2007-2011”. As a person who makes a decent income above the median, who prefers restaurants to carry-outs, and who often consorts with friends and neighbors of similar comportment, his assessment really resonated with me.

With the news that Busboys and Poets will be taking up residence in Anacostia at some point, it’s a safe assumption that its entrance onto our side of the river will not only be catalytically transformative, but also bodes as a harbinger that other forms of retail NOT specifically aimed at a carry-out & liquor store clientele, won’t be too far behind.

Patiently awaiting my dinner seat at the bar . . .


[ East-of-the-river residents hunger for new dining options | Elevation DC ]