The Conway Health and Resource Center continues to garner as much good press as it does goodwill. To wit, those plucky folks over at Elevation DC have published an article highlighting all the wonderful health-centric services and initiatives for which the Center continues to earn high marks. What they do differently this time though, is touch upon a seldom-highlighted aspect of Conway’s mission—economic development:

One initiative that needed no wait time was the use of the center as a gateway for economic development.

“Health and wellness is about seeing a physician or doctor but it’s also about making sure you have enough money to get to where you need to go, so as we were talking to the community, the advisory neighborhood councils and community members talked about the need for jobs in Ward 8,” says McShane. “So all of those pieces came together to thinking about how we can use this center for economic development as well.”

During the construction progress, 10 full-time employees and 10 temporary workers were residents of Ward 8; a job training program through COH was established to provide customer service skills specific to the healthcare field and graduated three classes of participants—most of whom are from Ward 8 and have started working with COH in various positions; and works of local artists have been purchased and are on display throughout the building.

Being a huge fan of the Conway Center makes it easy to extoll its many virtues here on, but it’s even more awesome that their vision goes way beyond the doctor’s office.

Well done, Community of Hope.