Bellevue’s swanky new healthcare facility gets some good press this morning as it continues seeing its first patients. A curious bit from the article, however, goes on to say:

“This is a locality so marginalized that people long for a pharmacy or supermarket to open. They’re jealous of the economic development they see three miles north in historic Anacostia.”

I’m not sure of what specific Anacostia economic development Mr. McCartney is referencing in the above paragraph, but from my vantage point, I’m unaware of any active development engendering any Bellevue-centric jealousy ( . . . although A — There’s LOTS of development throughout DC that makes many DC areas/wards crazy-jealous (although none more than Ward 8), B — I could just be unaware of the aforementioned development (hit me with the info Mr. McCartney!), and finally Cdude is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about being marginalized and longing for a local pharmacy or supermarket, et al! I’m constantly going to Maryland or right over the bridge to Alexandria for groceries and random big box shopping (Target, Best Buy, Whole Foods, etc.)). The closest retail “center” is the brobdingnagian Eastover Shopping Plaza, which is a whoooooole different article—seriously! And tragically, the two resources in disturbingly abundant supply throughout Bellevue’s business areas are . . . wait for it . . . liquor stores & carry outs.

I know.

Sigh . . .

Unfortunately, other than the Conway Health Center and the upcoming Trinity Plaza condos now under construction (we’ll take them—thank you!), there’s not much to be excited about other than that bellevue is an awesome, sleepy little hamlet which has spectacular views of the city, and can quickly zip you to places such as downtown DC, the Southwest Waterfront development(s), National Harbor, Tanger Outlets, Pentagon City, MGM Casino & Resort, 295, 395, 95, 695, etc.—all in less than 10 minutes (GANGSTA!!!). With respect to jealousy—if applicable—a more accurate assessment would be that we denizens of Bellevue are more jealous of proximity-centric Congress Heights. And although Congress Heights has yet to see much current, significant development, it’s being discussed and getting in pipelines . . . which is still gonna happen loooong before Bellevue sees that kind of interest, let alone actuality.

Having said all that, I LOVE Bellevue and Ward 8, and I ain’t goin’ nowhere!

Check out the full article at the Post:

Be good y’all, and stay warm!