So, the Department of Human Services‘ curiously-named Congress Heights Service Center—very conspicuously located in Bellevue—is moving down the block to where all the construction is happening in front of the new “shared” parking structure on South Capitol Street. Here’s what we know so far:

  • The existing location of their current “Congress Heights” facility on the corner will move down to the middle of the block
  • Delivery / occupancy is expected sometime around September
  • The new garage structure is for some of DHS, but mostly for Community of Hope
  • It’s a multi-million dollar construction project which, I’m told, promises to aesthetically augment the area with not only its design, but also with landscaping & beautification

What’s noteworthy about the move is that it then clears the way for the upcoming complete retail redo of everything on South Capitol Street, from the corner of Atlantic Street all the way to the new Service Center. I’m gonna make a call for some renderings and / or specific info about the center which would be available to the community, so stay tuned . . .

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