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Galveston Street, SW bike lane. The dark lines are trails.

Sweeping change and inevitable paradigm shifts have to start somewhere. And although not a “start” per se, the new bike lane winding through Galveston Street, SW is a visible one—one which should be saying a lot to those paying attention.

To wit, Bellevue is mostly comprised of “bikers” as opposed to “bicyclists”—and they generally tend to be kids or young adults traveling at the speed of light. However, that new bike lane surely portends the inevitable, frequent use of not just Galveston’s bike lane, but several more to come . . . by more bicyclists. The tragic thing is that Galveston’s bike lane and two other new ones on MLK Jr. Avenue, SE and a “climbing hill” on Malcolm X Avenue, SE, are the very first formal bike lanes in Ward 8!

“Yaaaayyy!!!” and “Really!?!? WTF!?”

An item from a Washington City Paper article about it reads:

. . . [the lanes] will eventually connect to a planned off-road South Capitol Street bike trail.

Be alert, people! The Bellevue we enjoy today is in the baby steps of it’s growth, and this is just the (continued) beginning. Okay, I gotta go online and look at bike prices!

Be good, y’all,


And many, many thanks to Chris B for the heads-up! Good lookin’ out, sir.