Well actually, any DC library does—which is awesome (thanks DC Library)!


Anyway, in my day job, I’m a techie who uses various computer software applications and tools which constantly evolve, and in some instances, completely revamp how they work. Needless to say, working in that type of a mercurial technology environment makes it incumbent upon one to constantly enhance their proficiency in whatever technology tools they use, which can be a very frustrating and difficult process. Not only that, but the challenges of having to learn or re-learn something can either be a breeze . . . or a career-killer. Enter Lynda.com.

Lynda.com is one of the best—and most comprehensive—training video web sites in existence. Personally, I’ve used it to augment my regular use of applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, and a host of other applications which also have serious learning curves. But those are just technology examples. If you wanna learn other things like marketing, automotive design, languages, interior design, photography—you name it—most likely, there’s a great series of training videos for it at Lynda.com.

In the advent of Councilmember LaRuby May’s S.E.E.K program for east of the river girls—a wonderful, unique partnership with the National Society of Black Engineers—I’m prompted to make sure that not only do the lucky S.E.E.K participants get exemplary training, but also that my fellow Bellevue residents (and DC as a whole), become aware of a resource that I, personally, have happily paid the subscription price for . . . for several years.

And how does one get this magical access to comprehensive training? Knowing you’d ask, I made an infographic outlining the exact process one should follow. Check it out . . .

Happy training!

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