About DC's Bellevue Neighborhood . . .

What up everyone! I’m Sam McLemore, and I bought my Bellevue home in January of 2013 ( Yaaaaaaayyyy—the crowd cheers! ). And although I’m disturbingly and pathologically in love with my home ( don’t judge! ), I didn’t know a thing about Bellevue until I walked through my house for the first time when looking to buy. Well, actually, I didn’t even know then that it was Bellevue (or that there was even a place/neighborhood in DC named Bellevue for that matter). So tragic.

Like many, I assumed it was Congress Heights, but continued research illuminated my geographical ignorance. Having said that, for the last 6+ months of residing in Bellevue, I absolutely and unapologetically LOVE this place!

What I don’t love, however, is the absence of any aggregated Bellevue-centric information, and the lack of any significant form(s) of online Bellevue-centric “communities” so to speak (except for the Yahoo Group). To that end, I figured why not throw something together myself and see if it provides value to more than just me—hence bellevuedc.com.

At it’s core, the bellevuedc.com blog will be a place to easily find info and resources centric to Bellevue and its immediately surrounding environs, but I may throw in my own random commentary and/or opinion from time to time.

So, thanks for checking out the site, and I hope you hang around as it continues to evolve and (I hope) add value to all who find it useful.

Be good, y’all!


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